Monday, June 6, 2011

A Sense of Place

Marin County draws people because of the sheer natural beauty found here. Mt. Tamalpais, the majestic redwoods, the awe-inspiring beaches…all just minutes from San Francisco and the East Bay.

Erica Tanov draws people because of the beauty that is found in all of her stores: the petal silks, the highwire and rothko tapestry bergens, the organic cable-knit sweaters... Each ET location has its own unique personality and flair. What we love about the Larkspur store is that it has a sense of place.

Using local materials, and drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the land, Erica Tanov, in collaboration with Bay Area architectural firm envelope A+D, and local artists and artisans, created a space that has an organic quality that is uniquely Marin, while retaining the beautiful and ineffable quality that is uniquely Erica Tanov.

A little info:
All of the wood was provided by Evan Shively of Arborica (Marshall): front bench and inset shelves are cypress, the table is a slab of walnut (pictured above), the dressing room benches are bay, the sign was made using the remains of the piece of bay from the dressing rooms (pictured above). Lucas Ford (Oakland) is the wood worker who made the walnut table, bay benches in the dressing rooms, and the bay sign. And Chris French (Oakland) is the metal smith who forged the blackened steel racks and installed into the floor.

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