Monday, September 5, 2011

Perfumera Curandera

Perfumera Curandera is a unique line of luxurious, all natural healing perfumes, embodying the principles of plant spirit medicine, and ancient aromatic traditions. These rare and magical essences of barks, resins, roots, seeds and flowers have been esteemed for centuries in traditional aromatic and healing remedies. Founder, Leanne Hirsh, has spent the past 18 years traveling to the Amazon Rain Forests and Andes Mountains of South America. Her exploration of the local natural resources, and her work with Traditional Healers (Curanderos), has inspired Leanne to create natural and healing perfumes from these extraordinary essences. Perfumera Curandera is formulated with the finest grade, organic, wild -crafted, and sustainably harvested ingredients. Erica Tanov is proud to offer Perfumera Curandera in her Larkpur store.

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