Monday, October 17, 2011

Creative Women in Marin

We just received our first order of Creative Women in our Larkspur location, and we're loving it. While we technically received table cloths and napkins, in the past week our creative customers have brought them home to be used as a bedspread, a throw for a couch, a shawl, and of course, a tablecloth - another reminder to do what inspires you and to think big. This is exactly what Ellen Dorsch did when she founded Creative Women. She started because she loves beautiful things, wanted to make a real difference in women's lives, and is fascinated by travel. From that inspired set of goals, over the past eight years, Creative Women has helped its partner studios grow and provide jobs for more than 300 women. The Vermont-based company works in partnership with with six women-owned textile design studios in Ethiopia, Swaziland, Afghanistan, and Mali to create traditionally-inspired contemporary accessories and home textiles. Creative Women buys directly from women-owned businesses, is expanding markets for hand-woven textiles, and pays fair prices for their goods. Each purchase supports fair trade practices and women’s financial independence in developing nations. We fell in love with the look and feel of these beautiful tapestries when we opened the box. We fell in love with them more after reading their story. Isn't it great when something that looks so good also feels so good, inside and out.

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