Friday, January 13, 2012

October Anniversary Jewelry: Relics + Rebels Collection

...These amulets and talisman can be engraved with symbols, in the shape of plants or animals, or set with stones to hold different meanings. It is said that stones carry with them a mysticism, each of them harnessing a gift of power. Said to absorb negativity and bring strength to those that wear it, turquoise became the most widely used stone in Native American jewelry. Labradorite, an especially mystical stone, enhances the creativity of the bearer and helps bring their wishes to fruition. Jewelry containing stones and historical and religious references often re-appears in cultures of those who rebel against the norm. To them the jewelry represents a powerful statement of individuality and creativity...

Relics + Rebel Collection

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  1. We all carry a power with in us, but most of us have split from it and are afraid of it.... True power lies in the vulnerability of the truth, what ever that may be......