Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Have The Best Customers! Featuring.... Lizzie Anderson Worden

Lizzie is one of our sweetest and most thoughtful customers.  Not to mention her great style. We love that she wears our clothes so well down in DC and she was kind enough to share a few photos and an interview for our blog. Thanks Lizzie!

ET:  When did you start shopping at Erica Tanov?
LA:  By a happy accident, I started shopping at Erica Tanov in the summer of 2000. I was on my way to the Sigerson Morrison sample sale when I passed by the Elizabeth Street store. I walked in and was smitten immediately. My first purchases were a light blue linen skirt with red stitching around hem, a white 3/4 sleeve button-down, and a black John Smedley sweater. These pieces are still in my closet today.

ET: What do you do professionally?
LA:  Assistant Professor of International Education at American University in Washington, DC. I don't have a website but my faculty profile picture features one of my favorite ET Flynn jackets (actually I have two Flynn jackets and they are both my favorite): http://www.american.edu/cas/faculty/eaworden.cfm .

ET: What other designers/stores do you like?
LA: My Erica Tanov clothes are most favorite things in my closet and everything else seems to come and go! However, I've recently discovered Steven Alan and his dresses and tops are great. J Brand is my most recent favorite designer for jeans. Layla is lovely, and I've worn one of her tops at least once a week all summer. And Jackie Flanagan is a local designer here in Washington, DC whose shop Nana is filled with thoughtful clothes.  I can't pop into just any store because I like to buy clothes that have been thoughtfully designed, carefully made, and beautiful. Clothes have to have connection and meaning for me. Also, I don't like having what everyone else has!

ET: What do you do when you are not working?
LA: When I'm not working...I'm hanging out on our front porch with my husband and our 15-month old daughter, hiking, drinking wine with friends, doing small projects around the house, reading (or trying to find time to read!), and strolling around the neighborhood.

ET: Anything else you want to add? 
LA: I've probably gushed too much about Erica Tanov in this mini-interview but I really, really love her clothes. Also, Jessica and Vivian (in the New York store) are great stylists with a keen eye. Whether shopping over the phone or in person, they always help pick out the right thing for me. And they always look lovely! I would love to see the inside of their closets....

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